The Unending Finish
Read the Printed Word! I love purple. I love Cats. I love Black Chocolates (I only eat black... plain... no nuts whatsoever) I love ART. I love to sketch. Portraits. Landscapes. Anything. I love painting too. I so love digital Painting. My Favorite Digital Artist is Enayla I love eating vegies.. all kinds except okra and mung beans... :) I love to google random things... its best to stock up knowledge... you don't know if you might need them someday.. Im not a very sporty person... I prefer to stay at home... A good conversation makes up my day... I Listen.. I care for people who are worth caring for... I tend to talk a lot when I get excited.. and not talk when nervous... I sing. Though not that good. I laugh. I cry. I fall. and rise back up again. I hate milk. and powdered sugar. uhn I dont know why. I love dressing up. I love ART. (I think Ive already told you that) I hate the Rain. (It gets me disoriented) I love taking pictures. I love taking pictures of others. (for some odd reason I can't take pictures of myself.. It usually turns out weird..) I love eating. I eat when I'm happy.. I eat more when I'm sad. and... I suddenly got tired of introducing myself... Now it's your turn.

Keith Arvin Magnaye

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